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Mountain biking for pain and pleasure.


Old blokes who should know better...



Blazing a trail across the North York Moors

A loose conglomeration of inadequate and inexperienced riders who cycle between cafes on the North York Moors, regularly annoying ramblers and frightening sheep.

Last updated: 11th May 2013

 Back le Bid to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire

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The Durham Beast - great event give it a try. Pics here.

Maniacs at Hamsterley. Take care, someone has got it in for cyclists. Here

Terra Trailblazers Coast To Coast trip July 2011 report and pictures. Here

Note on future updates: It was felt that things were beginning to be repeated rather a lot, so rather than bore everyone I've decided to continue with a brief report on the monthly riding, Here And another photo gallery featuring a selection of pictures from 2006 which I found lurking on a spare hard drive

Terra Trailblazers peak District trip here

Terra Trailblazers go Trailquesting - pics and results TTB044

Terra Trailblazers go sea kayaking see September 2008

Have a look at Les Gets - Heaven on Earth for mountainbikers

Check out Howard's web site featuring his helmet cam video's, including his trip to Spain

Text Box: C2C July 2011
New: Photo galleries One  Two  Three



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